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DTTA plans to hold two Sanctioned MENSUAL Tourneys, dates to be determined. Entry fees are $50 and $40, respectively for non-members and DTTA members. Players who qualify to play in Division B or C may also choose to play in Division A, which costs an extra $40 for non-members and $30 for DTTA members. The entry fee does not include a USATT membership. You must have a valid USATT membership to compete. You can become a USATT member by signing up at the club before or on the day of the sanctioned tournament.

MENSUAL Tourney Info

This tournament receives its name from the Spanish word "mensual,” which means precisely "once a month." We will host 10 Mensual Tourneys this year -- one every month, starting in March and finishing in December. The Mensual Tourney is scheduled for the second Saturday of every month.

ALL Mensual Tourneys will be PLAYED ON 4 ONLY TABLES. This will make the experience of participating in this tournament great from the beginning, as the space to play every match is the best from the start.

A Division from 11:30/11:45am to 3pm. On the day of a Mensual Tourney, we will open the doors at 11am for signing up and warming up, and the Tourney will start at 11am for A Division.

B & C Division starts at 3:15/3:20pm (or when A Division is over). Warm up for B and C Divisions is scheduled for 2:45pm.
This format will be for Regular M Tourneys. USATT Sanctioned M Tourneys will occur over two days, with play each day starting at 12pm and warmup at 11am. To improve dynamics of the Tourney, we will limit A Division to 12 players and 10 players in each of B & C Divisions.

Rates -Cash Only- to enter the Regular MENSUAL:
DTTA members $15
Non-members $20
In 2017 Denver Table Tennis Alliance will have 3 Divisions (based on USATT Ratings) in each Tourney:
C - Until 1250, 1st prize $40 - 2nd Place, MENSUAL pass and Butterfly gift

B - From 1251 to 1700, 1st prize $40 - 2nd Place, MENSUAL pass and Butterfly gift

A - From 1701 and up, 1st prize $50 - 2nd Place, MENSUAL pass and Butterfly gift

At any M Tourney, a player can choose to play in a different Division by choice, as long as he/she qualifies for a lower Division by his/her rating and decides to play in a higher one. If your rating qualifies you for A, you cannot play in B or C. If your rating qualifies you for B, you can play in A if you decide to do so, but not in C. And if your rating is 1250 or lower, you can play, if you want to, in B or A Division at any M Tourney. (This rule includes Sanctioned M Tourneys.)

NOTE: If a player does not have a rating in the USATT system, in order to compete fairly in a M Tourney, an estimated rating will be assigned to a player, based on the assessment and discretion of a DTTA coach.

USATT Sanctioned M Tourneys

Entry fees for Sanctioned M's will be:

$40 for DTTA Members and $50 for Non-Members (This entry rate includes the mandatory USATT tournament fee but does not include any USATT membership fees.)

NOTE: All entrants must be current members of USATT. Non-members will be able to sign up for a USATT membership at DTTA the day of the Sanctioned M Tourney.

Prizes on Sanctioned M's will be:

In A - Winner - $100 Cash.   Runner Up - Butterfly gift.
In B - Winner - Butterly gift.   Runner Up - Butterfly gift.
In C - Winner - Butterfly gift.   Runner Up - Butterfly gift.

The "Performance Points" and "Participation Points" systems will remain in place this year for our Mensual Tourneys. The 3 players with most "Performance Points" (the best one from each Division, counting all M Tourneys of 2017), will each receive a great surprise prize from DTTA & Butterfly!

Also, the 5 players with the most "Participation Points" will be entered into the raffle for the big prize from DTTA & B&B Tradiciones of a 7-day trip to Peru! The prize includes accommodation, tours, and transportation within Peru (Lima, Cuzco, and Machu Picchu) for one person. The prize does not include airfare to Lima. DTTA Members will receive one extra Participation Point for every 3 M Tourneys in which he/she participated.

- For every MENSUAL, there is a maximum capacity of 12 players in Division A, 10 players in Division B, and 10 players in Division C, so be there on time to sign up!

Schedule, 2018

USATT-sanctioned tourneys in red
February 10thJuly 14th
March 10thAugust 11th/12th
April 14thSeptember 8th
May 12thOctober 13th
June 9thNovember 10th

DTTA Ranking, 2018
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Participation Points, 2018
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